Podcast 4 Preview!

This September The Ask could not be more honored to interview NYT journalist and bureau chief Carlotta Gall (@carlottagall) about her book The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan, 2001-2014. Look out for our next podcast soon and be sure to check out the book here:

THE ASK EPISODE 3 - Green on Blue by Elliot Ackerman

EPISODE 3 – Green on Blue by Elliot Ackerman

In this episode of The Ask author Elliot Ackerman discusses his work on Green on Blue About the Book: Aziz and his older brother Ali live in a village amid the pine forests and endless mountains of eastern Afghanistan. Their family is poor, but inside their mud-walled home, they have stability, love, and routine. But…

Green on Blue: A Novel

Green on Blue: A Novel

Looking forward to interviewing author Elliot Ackerman soon about his book Green on Blue: A Novel.

Episode 2 - Not Our Day to Die: Testimony From the Guatemalan Jungle

Episode 2 – Not Our Day to Die: Testimony From the Guatemalan Jungle

In this episode of The Ask author Michael Sullivan discusses his work on Not Our Day to Die: Testimony From the Guatemalan Jungle About the Book: In the farming communities of the Guatemalan jungle, the simple life was a good one, sustained by family, faith, community, and the pilots—like Mike Sullivan—who linked their isolated villages.…

Episode 1 – Thailand’s Forbidden Photograph

In the inaugural episode of The Ask: Professor Thongchai Winichakul, Professor Clare Veal and journalist Teirra Kamolvattanavith come together to assess the history and consequences of the Thammasat University massacre through the lens of a Pulitzer prize winning photograph – and beyond. Our Episode Guests: Professor Thongchai Winichakul, Professor Emeritus, Department of History. University of…

Podcast Episode 1 Preview!

Podcast Episode 1 Preview! Looking forward to speaking with #ThongchaiWinichakul the author of Moments of Silence The Unforgetting of the Oct 6th 1976 Massacre in Bangkok, journalist @Teirrabyte and respected academic @ClareVeal2 for the podcast soon!

Welcome to THE ASK

Welcome to THE ASK Thank you for your interest in our podcast, please stay tuned for our inaugural podcast.

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