Episode 14 Preview – No Friends But the Mountains

This month together with my guest co-host Cliff W. Gilmore I have the honor and pleasure to host journalist and author Behrouz Boochani to discuss his work on his monumental book: NO FRIENDS BUT THE MOUNTAINS

Over the course of 10 seemingly never-ending years of imprisonment on Manus Island, on a smuggled mobile Behrouz and began tapping out the story of his ordeal not knowing what else to do.

When he was finished, his book hit the world like a thunderbolt.

Winner of the Victorian Premier’s Prize for Literature, Australia’s richest literary prize, No Friend But the Mountains is an extraordinary account ― one that is disturbingly representative of the experience of the many stateless and imprisoned refugees and migrants around the world.

And his debut book is now being adapted into a major feature film.

Behrouz just secured his freedom recently, not in Australia – the country he dreamed to seek refuge in – but in New Zealand. He continues to speak out about his ordeal, and the ordeal of so many refugees like him, in endless limbo across the world.

And we have the unique privilege of capping out the 2021 season of The Ask with a vital conversation with Behrouz about his book and the politics, ethics, and morals surrounding refugees, and asylum seekers across the world.

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