Episode 15 Preview – Freedom

This month together with my guest co-host Cliff W. Gilmore, I have the honor and pleasure to host journalist, New York Times bestselling author and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Sebastian Junger to discuss his work on his latest book: FREEDOM.

Inspired by a year on the road with three close friends— a conflict photographer and two Afghan War vets—that saw Junger and his pack walking the railroad. lines of the East Coast, Junger’s latest book explores the concept of freedom, through the backroads of America and history.

Plunging into everything ranging from boxing strategy to the history of labor strikes, the pivotal roles women have heroically played in resistance movements, to the brutal realities of life on the American frontier – Junger explores the concept of freedom and how it drives us apart and brings us together.

And this January we have the unique privilege of ringing in the 2022 season of The Ask with Sebastian Junger and his latest thought-provoking book: FREEDOM.

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