Episode 8 – Prosecuting Evil with Barry Avrich

Welcome back to The Ask. If the last episode on this podcast was about hope, then this episode is about heroism.  

Learn more here: https://www.netflix.com/title/81070008

I invite you to join acclaimed filmmaker Barry Avrich and myself, as we explore his award-winning work on his feature documentary film: PROSECUTING EVIL: THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD OF BEN FERENCZ.

Filmmaker Barry Avrich has produced and directed over 30 documentary films and television productions, winning multiple awards for films like THE LAST MOGUL, THE TEMPEST with late Oscar winning actor Christopher Plummer.

Some years ago, Barry turned his considerable storytelling talents towards exploring the life and work of lawyer, soldier and last surviving prosecutor of the Nuremberg trials, Mr. Ben Ferenz – and his lifelong quest to end evils like the Holocaust forever, not through force of arms – but through a shared understanding and commitment to legal accountability and justice.

It is my great honor to return back to this film, with filmmaker Barry Avrich, and contemplate a hero for the ages.   


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