Episode 11 – The Interpreters

In this episode of The Ask, we meet HamidSajidTamim, and Abouzar, former Afghan interpreters for foreign forces.

Since the start, Afghan interpreters have been at the forefront of this war. The first interpreter, Hamid Karzai, would go on to become the first president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Thousands would follow him down the dangerous path of working with US Forces throughout Afghanistan in their attempts to beat the Taliban insurgency and hunt down Al-Qaeda leadership.

Now, after a catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan that has seen the Taliban return to power, thousands of Afghan interpreters and allies have been left behind with their families to face a grim and uncertain future.

Through the years of my work in Afghanistan, I was blessed to meet a few of these interpreters. I sought out these good friends of mine to better understand their lives, hopes, fears and sacrifices.

This conversation invites you into the lives of those that stood by us, and those we have left behind.

Our Episode Guests:



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