Episode 16 – The Kyiv Independent, Ukraine and Russia

In this episode of The Ask we to speak to journalists Igor Kossov and Anna Myroniuk about their careers as journalists, the shocking changes at the launch of the Kyiv Independent in the aftermath of the turmoil at the Kyiv Post. And the looming Russian threat on the borders of Ukraine.

About the Kyiv Independent:

The Kyiv Independent is Ukraine’s English-language media outlet, created by journalists who were fired from the Kyiv Post for defending editorial independence. The Kyiv Post, Ukraine’s global voice, went silent on Nov. 8, 2021, days after celebrating the 26th year of its uninterrupted run.

The publication was shut down by the owner in his attempt to take full control of the newsroom that has always followed the principle of editorial independence.

Yet, the editorial team of the independent Kyiv Post refused to be silenced. If we couldn’t save the Kyiv Post brand, we could save its values. On Nov. 11, 2021, over 30 ex-Kyiv Post employees decided to continue the Kyiv Post’s legacy by launching a new publication – the Kyiv Independent.

Support the Kyiv Independent:

We would like to invite you to consider supporting unbiased and critical investigative English language journalism in Ukraine by subscribing to the Patreon for the Kyiv Independent. Your donations will help Anna, Igor and the rest of their team continue to hold the powerful accountable and be a voice for the powerless in Ukraine. You can learn more about the Patreon of the Kyiv Independent here:


Our Episode Guests:

Anna Myroniuk is the head of investigations at the Kyiv Independent. Anna has run investigative projects on human rights, healthcare, illicit trade as well as investigated presidents and oligarchs. She used to cover the war in the Donbas on the ground. Anna has written for Kyiv Post, Coda Story, OCCRP, The Independent and OpenDemocracy. She holds a Masters in Investigative Journalism from the City University of London, is a Chevening Scholar, and a finalist of the 2020 Thomson Foundation Young Journalist Award.

Igor Kossov is an editor and investigative reporter at the Kyiv Independent. He has been an international journalist for over a decade, having covered conflict in the Middle East, investigated corruption in Ukraine and man-made environmental damage in Southeast Asia, along with many other topics. He has been published in the Kyiv Post, USA Today, The Atlantic, Politico, The Daily Beast, Foreign Policy and other outlets.

Our Episode Guest Co-Host:

Cliff W. Gilmore, PhD, an honorably retired U.S. Marine Corps officer who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, Cliff holds a doctorate in organization and management with a specialization in leadership, strategic and crisis communication, and media relations.

Cliff now lives with his wife and ten-year-old daughter in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he is a writer, consultant, and leadership coach.


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